You want a life of

unlimited freedom.

Freedom of time, creativity, impact, and money. You want to wake up with full autonomy in how you allocate your schedule, focus, and energy. Because you can finally count on your business to generate a reliable profit.

The truth of the matter is that you didn’t start your business to make headlines at New York Fashion Week. And you certainly don’t need a Vogue spread to prove that you’ve “made it” as a designer.

After all, your business isn’t here to please Anna Wintour.

It’s here to fulfill YOU.

You started your business to create a life you completely love—while making beautiful designs for even more beautiful people, a more than reliable income, and a positive impact in the world.


It’s time to make that next level success

your new reality.

You’re ready for your business to start giving back to you in spades. And the currency you’re ready
to pile in the bank (in addition to some serious dollars) is FREEDOM.


Yoga at noon?

Go for it.

Regularly paying yourself?


Enjoying your work?


You’re done asking for permission to do what you want, when you want it. Because the only
permission you need is your own.

This life is yours.

Yours to design, create, and enjoy.
And your business is the ticket to freedom.



This reality is completely possible for you.


Your business won’t get to the next level if you’re pouring all your money, time, and energy into Instagram ads like it’ll solve all your problems. Or if you’re chasing influencer partnerships and fighting to stay on top of the feed.

Because you aren’t a seasonal trend that will come and go with the tides.

You are evergreen.

To build a business that will withstand the ebbs and flows of the industry, ever-changing algorithms, and ups and downs of life, you don’t need to try out the “trendiest” strategies in business.

You need a solid foundation.

Because when you’ve got a foundation, your business will finally generate the levels of revenue that don’t just make a living, but create a life. A life of freedom, wealth, stability, and options.

That means no more…

  • Trying out every possible strategy hoping one of them sticks
  • Chasing press opportunities like they’ll fix everything
  • Letting your fear hold you back from taking strategic action

  • Clear direction and focus in your sales and marketing strategy
  • Efficient systems to streamline your operations
  • A reliable team to help you grow your revenue in dollars and free time
  • Accountability to follow-through on your action plans
  • Mindset support to stop the self-sabotage cycle and level-up as a CEO

imgBecause all of these add up to bigger, more regular
paydays for you as the CEO of your design company.


What would be possible if you ended the exhausting cycle of trying every strategy out there? And instead, you lasered in your focus on actions that consistently and reliably increase your profit?

If you’re ready for the next level,

I invite you to apply to…


Unlock next-level freedom with a business that generates next-level results

LevelUp FASHION is a 3-month group coaching program for independent fashion brand owners to market and sell their product
like a boss, own their CEO mindset, earn (and keep) way more money, and claim the next level of freedom in their
businesses and lives.

You’ll receive all the mentorship, training, and accountability you need to have a complete upgrade across your

What Our Members Have to Say

"Since enrolling in LevelUp FASHION, I saw a 200% increase in sales, added over 50 new people to my email list in a 14 day period, and had a 67% reply rate from brands wanting to collaborate!"

Xi Chen


"Since completing LevelUp FASHION, I've made some really big sales from both wholesale and individual customers - big AOV increase, gained new customer retention, and made really positive collaborations with artists and influencers."

Rachelle Love

Earth & Elle

"I feel like a different business! LevelUp FASHION was incredibly helpful with getting me to focus. Because of that focus, I’ve had a ton of growth, a major improvement in how things are flowing in my business, and a super successful product launch."

Mary Bemis

Reprise Activewear

"LevelUp FASHION helped me overcome so many obstacles in my business. I stopped second guessing myself, I gained so much focus, and I grew my email list by 800 new subscribers. I wouldn’t have done these things if not for this group."

Chetna Singh

Chetna Singh Scarves

"LevelUp FASHION gave me so much clarity in my business. I finally for the first time feel ahead of things. We’ve developed 20 new styles, sales are consistent, and I now have a great foundation for next year. Best of all , the business clarity has brought me back to my “why”!"

Crystal Cave

Poppy Row

"LevelUp FASHION helped me to step back, look at my business, and fix what was broken. I made major improvements on how I operate and how I think about my business."

Anita Bhatia


"I run my business on my own everyday but being part of LevelUp FASHION changed that. Having other peoples’ perspectives and feedback on my business was game changing"

Deana Cheney

Bosisi Designs

"My mindset shift through LevelUp FASHION is going from lost at sea to captain of my ship!"

Nicole Brown

Ruth Nathan

"The magic is unlocking [as I do the coursework]!"

Chantal Carter

Love & Nudes

"Your templates were a game changer and made the process SO much easier!"

Julie Corwin

Birdie & Claire